Get moving and
escape the rent trap

With Firstly, your rent is your new home deposit. What does that mean? In as little as 8 months, the amount you pay in rent will be used to pay your new home deposit* It's that simple. Want to find out more?


Get moving with your life

For starters, Firstly is totally different to anything else out there. Basically, you have the option to start-out renting in one of Resimax Groups vibrant communities, or if you’re comfortable with your current rental, stay there!  And while you’re busy living your life, Firstly quietly works its magic accumulating your deposit and getting your first home built. Then, you just move from the rental to your brand-new home. Of course, a bunch of great benefits and important stuff like finance and approvals are seamlessly built in. Too easy.

How Firstly works

Firstly is seamless. And so, so simple. The entire journey is completely covered until the day you move in. Here’s how the Firstly life-saver plays-out.

Lock-in your home & land

Lock in the price for your home & land in your chosen Resimax Group community. Then move into the community right away in one of our premium rentals. Or you can stay where you are and keep renting! Easy as.

Your rent becomes your deposit

The rent you pay then becomes your new home deposit. Think of it like renting and saving at the same time.

You live, we build

Settle your land and watch your new home being built. Everything is super-fast and efficient.

Move into your new home

Yay! It’s time to move into your first home. You’ll have plenty of new friends to help you out with the move.

The Firstly Ecosystem

What makes it all possible is the unique Firstly Ecosystem. And no one else in Australia can do it except Resimax Group. We have the rental properties, the finance people, the quality builder and all the other things required. And it’s all stitched together by our vision, passion and 100% commitment to back it in for first home buyers.

Our vibrant communities

Welcome to our vibrant communities. Our game changing First Home Buyer initiative is available in some of the most exclusive estates throughout metro and regional Victoria.

Get moving, get Firstly!

You got it, Firstly is a serious game-changer, a life-saver for first home buyers. And now it’s time to find out more info, right?